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DPMSolid | General terms and conditions guarantee

General terms and conditions of DPMSolid Limited Sp. k. guarantee.


The guarantee is valid for 24 months from the date of purchase of the product.


The guarantee is recognised exclusively on the basis of the original copy of purchase receipt, with Seller's details and date of sale.


The guarantee is valid within the territory of the Republic of Poland.


The guarantee covers exclusively defects resulting from causes inherent in the sold product.


  1. The repair work will be carried out within the shortest time possible, not exceeding 30 days from the receipt of the product by the service workshop for repair.
  2. In cases where it is necessary to import parts from overseas, the repair period may increase to 60 days (Europe) or 90 days (China), which is accepted by the purchaser through the use of the repair service.


The party filing the complaint must deliver the product to an authorised service point or store in original out-of-factory packaging or an alternative packaging, which ensures safe transportation. Otherwise the risk of product damage during transportation is born by the party filing the complaint.


The guarantee will not cover defects of the product resulting from:

  • use of the product contrary to its purpose and instructions contained in the user manual,
  • improper storage or transportation of the product,
  • mechanical damage, especially damage to clips, knobs, buttons, connection cables or fluorescent lamps,
  • damage due to fortuitous events such as: fire, energy network overvoltage/surge, atmospheric surcharge, strong winds, flooding and other atmospheric/weather factors, fortuitous events, catastrophes,
  • mechanical, thermal and chemical damage,
  • damage cause by using improper cleaning agents,
  • damage caused by improper installation,
  • damage occurring after expiry of the guarantee period.


The guarantee will not cover parts of the casing and accessories subject to regular wear and tear such as scratches, difficult to remove stains, labels fading, etc.


Any modifications to the design of the product or repairs outside an authorised service point will void any guarantee rights granted to the purchaser.


The manufacturer shall not be responsible for damage due to loss of data.


Matters not covered by this Guarantee Card shall be subject to relevant provisions of the Civil Code.


Guarantee for sold consumer product shall not exclude, limit and suspend the rights of the purchaser resulting from inconsistency between the product and the contract.

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